Slow Food – Homemade Yogurt

June 10, 2014

This morning I stood at my stove stirring a pot of warming milk. The smell was comforting; it reminded me of childhood and hot chocolate and butterscotch pudding. The meditative stirring took me back to cold winter mornings when I stirred pots of porridge for my children’s breakfast. The comforting smell of warm milk reminded me […]

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Photo Friday – My Finch Friend

June 6, 2014

This fellow, and his wife oftentimes, light on the rail of my upper deck and greet the morning. What a joy to wake to the sound of their serenade! A couple of days ago I opened the screen door and waited quietly for them to appear so I could snap a few photos. Here is […]

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My Writing Process Tour

June 2, 2014

There’s a blog tour going on called #mywritingprocess that writers of all genres all over the world are taking part in by sharing insight into their writing life through answering a few simple questions. I was invited to participate by my long-time writing and blogging friend, Kathy Pooler, who is on the cusp of publishing […]

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Making Tea With A Few Hundred Friends

May 28, 2014

I made a five-gallon bucket full of tea today. Worm tea. I wrote about my initial foray into worm composting in a series of posts a couple of years ago. In case you missed the excitement, or are interested in learning more about vermicomposting, here are the links to those posts: Preparing the Worm Hotel New […]

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Kitchen Update

May 27, 2014

We’re ready to declare a moratorium on home improvement projects for the time being. The weather is warming up, the sun is shining, and it’s time for golf (for Gerry) and gardening (for me). Gerry has joked more than once that since we retired it feels like every day is a Saturday because we’re always working […]

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Photo Friday – A White Lilac and a Pink Carnation

May 23, 2014

It’s been a busy week. Not much writing time but lots of family time. We’ve been blessed to have the sound of children’s laughter in our home and, on the other end of the spectrum, we gathered to remember Gerry’s brother who left us much too soon. I found a bit of time one morning to play with one of […]

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