Canning – Black Pepper-Rosemary Apples

September 29, 2014

One of my goals with canning this year is to create a pantry filled with things I can use to pull together a meal over the winter. I found this recipe in the Better Home and Gardens Canning magazine and it seemed perfect to use with a pork tenderloin or pork chops. In fact, I […]

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Canning, Thirties Style

September 24, 2014

a4I mentioned a while ago that I was going through some old recipes that came from my grandma’s house. I came across a scrap of paper with faded pencil script on it that I found interesting. I  found a few similar pieces of paper addressed to one of Grandma’s neighbours and hand-delivered, I imagine, by my mom or her […]

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Canning – Apple Butter

September 23, 2014

When I asked Gerry to pick up some apples so I could make sauce I didn’t expect him to bring home fifty pounds of apples! I’m glad he did though, as it afforded me an opportunity to try a couple of new recipes like this one for apple butter. Apple butter is new to me. […]

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Flower Cheese

September 21, 2014

Saturday About three years ago I read a post about a beautiful flower cheese on author, illustrator, gardener, and all-around inspirational woman, Sharon Lovejoy’s blog. I filed that post away in the recesses of my mind with a plan to make a flower cheese of my own one day. At the time I was a novice […]

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Canning – Tomato Soup

September 3, 2014

I didn’t plan on canning tomato soup but when my sister-in-love sent me this recipe I couldn’t resist picking up 25 pounds of tomatoes at the farmer’s market on Saturday and trying it. Sure glad I did because it’s delicious! It’s the freshest-tasting tomato soup I’ve ever had and couldn’t be easier to make. Yield: […]

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Canning – Spaghetti Sauce

September 1, 2014

It’s September and tomato season is rapidly coming to an end. We’ve been enjoying the season’s bounty and eaten a good number of, in my opinion, the most delicious fruit of summer. While we’ve enjoyed many tomatoes from my garden freshly picked and sun warmed, I’ve also used them in sandwiches, sauces, and other supper-time […]

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