Friday Favourites

Gerry and I have been Moose Jaw residents for one week today. We’re puttering away at things at home like replacing weather stripping on the door from the laundry room to the garage (Gerry) and organizing the walk-in pantry (me). There are always miscellaneous things to buy for a new house so I’ve been shopping

It’s Go Time

It’s 5:30 am. I’m sitting up in bed, surrounded by Yorkies, enjoying a cup of Tazo Chai in a used Starbucks cup. Creativity is the name of the game when everything is packed and boxes are sealed. Gerry’s beside me catching up on the morning news on his iPad. Very soon, we’ll get moving but

Friday’s Fave Five- December 2

We’ve come to the end of the final full week before we head out toward our little house on the prairie, and it’s been a full one. Let’s look back with a Friday’s Fave Five post. Floating. I enjoyed a blissful 90 minutes float in a sensory deprivation chamber at my favourite self-care place in Kamloops one

Home Alone

Gerry has taken the dogs to the groomer and I'm sitting here alone in the home we'll be leaving behind in six days. I see boxes everywhere. I smell the self-cleaning oven going through its cycle. I hear—nothing. It's so, so quiet. I'll never be absolutely alone in this house again, and it's a good

On the Home Stretch

Murphy stirs at 4:30ish; Maya soon after. When we get to Moose Jaw, 4:30 here becomes 6:30 there so maybe we’ll settle into a more reasonable routine. For now, we all retire at a ridiculously early hour, weary. Rising at 4:30 a.m. is usually okay with me, but I’m tired and my back hurts, and


This is our view of the cul de sac from the window in our den: picture-perfect and pretty after last night's snow. The view from the bedroom and living room is equally charming on this snowy November morning. I will miss these things. These are weeks of lasts and of saying farewell and they are


We harvested the carrots from the backyard garden yesterday. Turns out, it was the best season ever. This beautiful array of orange is all packaged up to be delivered to the local food bank this morning. That’s it for the garden, save for a handful of green onions and the marigolds I’ll leave until we

For Sale

Everything put away? Check. All the lights on? Check. Music on? Check. All the toilet lids down? Check. We grab the dogs, get in the car, and head out so strangers can walk through out home. We stop for coffee at a very expensive place for mine where I pay with my phone, and a

Another Day, Another Showing

We’re sitting in the car with the windows open, sipping coffee and enjoying the early autumn view of the North Thompson River. I’ve got two Yorkies on my lap—Murphy, as usual, and Maya because she’s startled by Gerry’s sneezing (it’s allergy season). Meanwhile, strangers are walking through my home, considering whether it’s the one for